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Hundreds of private and public sector leaders are mobilizing around a unified message to policymakers: Protect the Freedom to Invest Responsibly.

Protect the Freedom to Invest Responsibly

Building profitable companies and investment portfolios that ensure long-term shareholder value demands an analysis of all major financial risks and opportunities. Freedom to Invest rallies leaders from across the business world to remind policymakers that the economy will be stronger and more resilient if businesses can make their own investment decisions.

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What Leaders Are Saying

  • A head shot of Kirsty Jenkinson

    Kirsty Jenkinson


    To ask us to ignore pervasive risks such as the market disruptions caused by climate change and to ignore investment opportunities in the transition to a low-carbon economy is asking us to stop doing our jobs.
  • A head shot of Anne Simpson

    Anne Simpson

    Franklin Templeton

    Investors have an inviolable fiduciary duty to act with prudence, loyalty and care. That requires consideration of all the issues that can impact risk and return. We cannot ignore or overlook financially material issues when investing client and beneficiary savings.
  • A head shot of Brad Lander

    Brad Lander

    New York City Comptroller

    As responsible fiduciaries and investors, our goal is to maximize risk adjusted returns which requires considering myriad factors that threaten an individual company’s value and the economy as a whole.
  • A head shot of Colleen Davis

    Colleen Davis

    Delaware State Treasurer

    The truth is that growing numbers of mainstream investors and companies consider the effects of climate change in their decision making because it is just smart business.

Join leading voices to protect the freedom to invest responsibly.

Tell policymakers that investors and companies must be free to consider all material financial risks and opportunities into decision-making.