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Panel Discussion

Standing Up for the Freedom to Invest Responsibly

Delaware State Treasurer Colleen Davis, New York City Comptroller Brad Lander, R Street Institute President Eli Lehrer, and Bloomberg Philanthropies’ Antha Williams sit down with TIME Magazine’s Justin Worland to discuss the importance of being free to consider all material financial factors in investment and business decision-making.

Statements of Support

In a statement, the Executive Council of the AFL-CIO said that the proper stewardship of retirement savings requires the freedom to consider all relevant investment considerations.

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Labor Unions

Hundreds of investors and companies called on policymakers to protect their freedom to invest responsibly and reminded them of their responsibility to factor all material financial risks into decision-making.

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Investors & Businesses

A group of state financial officers said states that focus solely on the short term will fail to compete over the longer term horizon that is necessary for them and their pension funds to succeed.

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State Financial Officers

More than 130 university faculty and academic researchers said the collection and release of environmental, social, and governance information — or ESG — is not political, but rather paramount for markets to function properly.

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Academic Leaders

Five major U.S. health care systems released an open statement affirming their commitment to responsible business practices that take the severe public health and financial risks of the climate crisis into account.

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Health Care Providers

Faith investment leaders sent a letter to policymakers urging them to oppose the well-orchestrated and well-funded campaign seeking to block investors’ use of ESG factors as a framework to reduce long-term risk.

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Faith Leaders

ESG is about value, not values.

Illinois State Treasurer Michael Frerichs testifies before the Congressional House Oversight and Accountability Committee, defending the freedom to invest responsibly.