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"Economic reality will ultimately triumph over political ideology. I’m having very constructive conversations with a number of Republicans who see ESG the same way I do: an approach to managing material risks."

Bob Eccles

Retired Tenured Professor, Harvard Business School

"The free market works best when investors know if and how companies are managing risk so that they can make more informed decisions. Investments with firms that are proactively mitigating risk will be stronger and safer."

Brooke Lierman

Maryland State Comptroller

"Maintaining a diverse investment portfolio is critical. Tying the hand of investors would create a competitive disadvantage."

Chris Ailman


"We have reached the point where decarbonisation will happen with the fossil fuel industry or without them."

Christiana Figueres

Global Optimism

"Political interference in investment decision-making is back and threatens the fiduciary independence of the retirement plan."

Craig Slaughter

CEO and CIO, West Virginia Investment Management Board

"The costs of climate-driven disruptions, restive employees or supply chain scandals are real. Working to reduce such risks while responding to demands for business to step up is not a leftwing agenda."

Financial Times Editorial Board

"Sustainability is something that's here to stay. I really think we've moved beyond it being sort of administration specific. I think the world is recognizing that we need to evolve."

Greg Murphy

Vice President, Nucor

"It is deeply concerning that ESG investing, which for decades has been a crucial investment framework used to mitigate long-term risks, is being thrust into the heart of the culture wars and used as a political weapon by opponents."

Josh Zinner

Interfaith Center on Corporate Responsibility

"These attacks on the freedom to invest will lead to distorted capital markets and more costs and lower returns for businesses, pensioners, and taxpayers."

Keith Ellison

Minnesota Attorney General

"Our experience has shown us that companies that focus on ESG-related risks and opportunities - where material - can create stronger, better investment outcomes."

Ken Mehlman

Partner, KKR

"Corporations increasingly realize that investing in sustainability is both good for our country, our environment, and public health, and good for their bottom lines. The state of Arizona is not going to stand in the way of corporations’ efforts to move in the right direction."

Kris Mayes

Arizona Attorney General

"For years now, we have viewed climate risk as an investment risk. That’s still the case."

Larry Fink

Chairman & CEO, Blackrock

"We see that strong ESG practices make for better businesses. It has nothing to do with politics."

Lucas Moreno

Vice President, Argos USA

"Climate risk is financial risk. That is a cold, hard fact. To ignore it would be a dereliction of duty."

Michael Frerichs

Illinois State Treasurer

"If there are climate-changing weather patterns, insurance companies need the flexibility to factor that in."

Paul Martin

Reinsurance Association of America

"I hate to sound provocative. But when it comes to our pensions, keep your culture wars out of them."

Tim Graham

Kansas National Education Association

"For policymakers to mandate willful ignorance about an entire category of risk and punish private companies because they might not share the same ideology is un-American and reckless. Americans deserve the freedom to take control of risks threatening their retirement savings."

Tobias Read

Oregon State Treasurer

"American markets should preserve the ability of individual investors to invest their own money based on whatever criteria they think appropriate, including their values and priorities."

Tom Quaadman

U.S. Chamber of Commerce Center for Capital Markets Competitiveness

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